PT Sampoerna Strategic (the “Company”) is a privately-held investment company, based in Indonesia and is part of the Sampoerna Strategic Group. Currently we are represented in five industry sectors, namely: agriculture, finance, property, telecommunications and timber, in addition to Putera Sampoerna Foundation, the first social business institution in Indonesia. Today, the Sampoerna Strategic Group represents transformation of Sampoerna’s business, after withdrawing from the cigarette business in 2005.

Nurtured with Sampoerna’s value and philosophy, the Company embraces Anggarda Paramita (Towards Excellence) as a way of life, an endless search for perfection that is integrally tied to all aspects of the Group. Living the “The Three Hands” philosophy (harmonious relationship between the Company, business partners and community) in day-to-day business conduct, the Company is growing its businesses consistently with the highest standards (local and international) while upholding the mutually-beneficial relationship with its stakeholders and contributing to our community.