KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati (“Sahabat UKM”) is a unique and dedicated saving and loan cooperative. It focuses on empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME/ UMKM) and springs from the spirit of "from us and for us". Sahabat UKM brings distinctive value which synergizes depositors and creditors for long lasting mutual relationship.

Sahabat UKM aims to help MSME entrepreneurs to grow their business. Sahabat UKM bridges deposit clients/savers and selected micro/small entrepreneurs by channelling the savings to promote the micro and SME sector in Indonesia. Other than access to funding, Sahabat UKM also provides training, consultancy, and business networking to its members that spread across 28 provinces throughout Indonesia.

In synergizing the activities and to grow its business faster, Sahabat UKM collaborate with PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna in form of joint financing scheme as well as professional management and technical assistance. Sahabat UKM also build partnership with other cooperatives to encourage wider UMKM empowerment, including with very specific mission cooperatives (e.g. women empowering cooperatives), cooperatives with different concept (e.g. grameen concept cooperatives) or specific occupation cooperatives (e.g. corn farmer cooperatives).

Koperasi Simpan Pinjam (KSP) Sahabat Mitra Sejati
Sampoerna Strategic Square, 17 Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.45
Jakarta, 12930

Phone : (021) 5792 2382, 5795 2384
Email : info@sahabat-ukm.com
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Twitter : @SahabatUKM_
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