Empowerment that Raises Strength

PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna (“Bank Sampoerna”), previously PT Bank Dipo Internasional, is the actual form of empowerment idea designed to cut the chain of powerlessness due to financial limitations. As part of the financial business of Sampoerna Strategic Group, Bank Sampoerna synergizes business with brotherhood and caring commitment as the foundation to move forward.

Our commitment to empower Indonesia was started in 2008 through a cooperative known as Sahabat UKM. Since then, Sampoerna Strategic Group through its Sampoerna Financial Group has spread its activities in the most rural areas in Indonesia. Supported by the network of more than 90 offices spread across Jakarta, Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi, Sampoerna Financial Group has helped thousands of micro entrepreneurs and SMEs in Indonesia. In addition, the empowerment activities also support women with low-income segment or KWANTREN (Kelompok Wanita Tanggung Renteng) and young entrepreneurs (PROMUDA) in East Java.

In order to complete our financial services to entrepreneurs in the above segments, Sampoerna Strategic Group through PT Sampoerna Investama officially completed the acquisition of 85% shares of PT Bank Dipo Internasional, with PT Pahalamas Sejahtera as the founding share holders still owned 15% of the bank’s shares in May 2012, and in February 2012, the name of the bank has been changed to PT. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna.

In these empowerment steps, Bank Sampoerna take the tradition of truth, excellence, and victory that has become the spirit of the business of the Sampoerna Family for more than 9 (nine) decades. Sampoerna with its unique legacy has written a history which is inseparable from the growth of Indonesia. Today, living the Sampoerna core values, we present Bank Sahabat Sampoerna as the empowerment-based financial institution.

By synergizing and empowering network of the Bank offices in Jakarta, Medan and Pekanbaru, as well as Sahabat UKM, Sampoerna Financial Group is ready to provide banking services as close as a friend and as warm as a family. We improve the entire business platform in order to be ready to be the best empowerment partner for the stake holders. Being a Sahabat, together we distribute optimism and hope in exploring and discovering the untouched potential of financial independence.  We provide place and opportunity for every big talent to contribute to the welfare of Indonesia.

Let us move forward together, to open opportunities towards prosperity in Indonesia and create a better, noble life that brings benefits to the community.

PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna
Sampoerna Strategic Square
North Tower, Mezzanine Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45
Jakarta 12930
Phone : +6221 5795 1234, 5795 1515
Fax     : +6221 5795 3795
Email  : info@banksampoerna.com